My Story

Hey there! Thanks for having a look around! A little bit about me, my name is Jenny and as you can see it’s no surprise that I have a true passion for organizing. There is no better feeling then walking into a room or opening up a closet and seeing an organized space, it makes my heart happy! Besides loving all things neat and tidy, I’m a tad bit obsessed with blankets and have a large collection spread throughout my house, and I’m also a sucker for notepads and toques. In my spare time (besides helping my relatives re-organize their pantries), you’ll often find me behind a camera capturing special moments of my kids, or entertaining as I love gathering for any occasion with family and friends. I have an amazing husband and two incredible children that I completely adore, the four of us have nothing but fun! They put up with me and my obsession to be organized, in which they often benefit from when they can’t seem to find specific items. I can honestly say I know exactly where everything is in our house. I would LOVE to help you find a spot for everything so you too can enjoy the satisfaction of an organized tidy space where you would never have to stress over misplaced items or mess every again.