Welcome to Simply Spacious! We are an Organizing Service helping people declutter their homes leaving them feeling completely satisfied with their newly revamped space.

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“Jenny is amazing, she has helped me organize my kitchen and many closets. She has a great way of making everything look neat and tidy and showing me that there should be a spot for everything. Also, she was great at assisting me with what items I should keep and what items I should get rid of. It was a wonderful experience and it makes me feel so good when I open up my cabinets and closets!”

“I loved having Jenny come into my house and organize my things. She does this in a professional manner and works very efficiently. What a wonderful feeling it is, hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself, money well spent! I highly recommend Simply Spacious to anyone out there.”

“Amazing and professional in every way, if you need your house turned into a home Simply Spacious is perfect for you. Jenny was incredible at seeing things that we would have never seen and was great at helping us through the process of reorganizing. We would recommend her to help tackle the smallest job to an entire house, or whatever it is that’s needs a little TLC. Thank you for simplifying our life!”

“Jenny helped me organize 12 years of my son’s special school papers, sports badges, awards, art projects and pictures. She assisted me in deciding what was important to keep and what was ok to let go. We combined several large Rubbermaid containers full of sentimental items and papers into two neatly put together binders as great keepsakes that are now easily accessible which we look through often. Incredible work!”

“I called on Simply Spacious to help me organize my very messy office which I used to call my junk room. She was very thorough and detailed with her organization services and I never felt judged by her in any way. She also organized my linen closet that was a disaster as it was very neglected. Once the job was done I could finally find all my matching pillowcases, sheet sets and towels! Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Simply Spacious!”

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